While promising, these studies continues to be conducted only


While promising, these studies continues to be conducted only in human and mouse cells growing within the laboratory so far. Additionally, the Zika virus strain utilized in this research (MR766) originated from Uganda, as the current Zika outbreak in South America involves a rather different strain that originated from Asia.
"We used this 3D type of early mind development to assist locate one mechanism through which Zika virus causes microcephaly in developing fetuses," Rana stated, "but we anticipate that other researchers will also employ this same scalable, reproducible system to review other facets of the problem and test potential therapeutics."
These studies was funded, partly, by National Institutes of Health grants DA039562 and AI043198.
'Predictive neuron orchestra' behind searching, reaching movements discovered
Different categories of neurons "predict" your body's subsequent searching and reaching movements, suggesting an orchestration among distinct areas of the mind, a group of neuroscientists finds. The research enhances our knowledge of the choice-making process, potentially offering insights into variations of mental illness--afflictions by which this dynamic is usually impaired.

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